The Partnership

Oakmont Real Estate Management, LLC and its affiliate Oakmont Investment Properties, LLC are limited liability corporations organized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A principal of the corporation will serve as the general partner of each single-purpose limited partnership entity that will acquire and manage commercial real estate for investment purposes. The group will form one or more entities to invest private equity for the purpose of acquiring commercial real estate assets, or to address a legal or regulatory requirement of the general or limited partners. The entities will generally invest and divest pro-rata interests in existing commercial real estate assets.

Each partnership intends to delegate most of its day-to-day operational and management responsibilities to Oakmont Real Estate Management, LLC which will directly or indirectly manage the fund's properties on behalf of each single-purpose entity. Some or all of the officers of Oakmont Real Estate Management, LLC will hold an equity interest of no less than fifteen percent (15%) in the assets purchased by each single-purpose entity.

Partnership Agreement

Each single-purpose entity created by the fund will be governed by a Limited Partnership Agreement which will be provided to each Limited Partner (Investor). Investors should carefully review the Partnership Agreement as it contains information, terms and responsibilities of the partnership. At closing, each Investor will execute the Partnership Agreement pursuant to the terms of Subscription Agreements which will be provided by the Manager or General Partner. Upon finalization, each investor will receive a final form of the Partnership Agreement.