Opportunities by Asset Classes


Within the multi-family sector, underwriting fundamentals are improving due to increased occupancies and the tightening of the single-family housing credit markets. Opportunities exist to acquire mature properties in desirable locations that have been either neglected or mismanaged. Most institutional investors focus on larger properties with few, if any, capital or operational issues to address. Leveraging the commercial construction expertise that is readily available to the Partnership, Oakmont Real Estate Management, LLC has the ability to quickly and efficiently renovate and upgrade a targeted asset, effectively re-positioning it within its sub-market. Properties that fall within this category are more likely to trade at higher capitalization rates, thereby increasing yields. On a more limited basis, there may be opportunities to build new garden style or mid-rise apartment communities within targeted sub-markets. Again, the Partnership has access to the construction experience and expertise to bring these projects to market in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The fund will not undertake a new construction project unless it obtains an independent, third-party market assessment that confirms the market demand for the additional units at the targeted asking rental rates.

Student Housing

According to many experts, college campuses nationwide are making room for higher than expected enrollments, and at the same time, are faced with aging student housing stock. In some cases, colleges and universities are looking to the marketplace to provide additional housing opportunities for students. The partnership will seek out existing properties that offer value enhancement opportunities, or will look to develop smaller student-housing communities that compliment the college or universities off-campus student housing objectives. Some of these opportunities may exist outside the primary market focus of the Western Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio region. However, these projects will be fortified by independent, third-party market assessments and verifiable demographic demand for new housing units. Student housing investments will be a secondary investment focus of the Management Team.

With a current inventory of over 800 units, the Management Team has a goal of owning and managing an investment pool of 2,000 rental housing units over the next 4 years.